Help us

You might know that we do a lot for free. We provide free services, we develop free software. We put a lot of money into the things we do.

If you wonder how much money we put into all of this (or atleast how much we have), on this site you can see all transactions (in and out of our wallet).

We hope that you got some spare money and can support us. We will keep puting money into our work, and we hope that we can get some help from people how love our work.


Here you can find some ways of supporting us (Sadly there is a minimum of 0.0001 on each cryptocurrency):

  1. Bitcoin: 1EZPN2trGzJovxxC95FpcNB8aVHA1qojjM
  2. Dash: XifHcy7EaLF13qWQzLEtu6t6r2gB3rhix1
  3. Ether: 0xd3b2bf20f78718059ab5acd87AAc0557a18Fe691
  4. Litecoin: Lbw6dZgxNViuGQaQEqNbGzeSej6EPbmHCR
  5. Bitcoin Cash: 18ftuxCtEX754dsv8rfqCtX4XbgCB32J6w
  6. XRP Ledger: rKfzfrk1RsUxWmHimWyNwk8AoWHoFneu4m | Destination Tag: 1187319361
  7. Basic Attention Token (BAT): 0xd3b2bf20f78718059ab5acd87AAc0557a18Fe691
  8. CRED (LBA): 0xd3b2bf20f78718059ab5acd87AAc0557a18Fe691
  9. XentaCoin (XNTA): XJXEtExccerorLCgZ5LuuSDU85m3R9aqLQ (A currency for testing by ATVG-Studios)

Paypal (Creditcards)

Paypal note: The donation on paypal will be rejected [you get your money back] if the fees are as high as the donation, so it's on the point where it's not worth it. We reject these donactions so neither of us looses money.

Brave Rewards/Payments (BAT)

You can support us using Brave Rewards/Payments. You can support us on all this domains using Brave Payments or you can click on any for using Brave Rewards.

We thank everyone for any donation! You guys keep us alive, and make the work we do possible.

You may also want to checkout, or join our Donation-Wall.